Burnt Pix

This is a collection of generative NFTs created fully on the Lukso blockchain by the EVM. Anyone can mint any number for free, but refining them to reveal the image consumes gas. It will most probably become prohibitively expensive to do so once users start using the chain.

This project is an artistic showcase of its creator's programming prowess. Feel free to become part of the collection, but look at it as art, not as something to speculate on. There will be no updates, no fixes, no community, no nothing. Burnt Pix are provided as is.

When refining a Burnt Pix NFT, a small percentage of the consumed gas will be directed towards refining images from the creator's own collection. Consider it gratitude for the free NFTs.


This is the entire list of Burnt Pix currently in existence, sorted by the amount of refinement iterations expended to render them. You can request further refinements on any of them if you so feel inclined, somebody will surely appreciate it! Joke's aside, this permits individuals to refine Burnt Pix co-owned by multiple people or stored in contract accounts.


This is the list of Burnt Pix owned by you, sorted by the amount of refinement iterations expended to render them. You can request further refinements on any of them, which will run a pre-determined number of iterations. The iteration count was chosen to be large enough to do meaningful work, but small enough to fit comfortably within the gas limits. Feel free to interact with the contracts directly for custom refinements.

Please connect a wallet to display your owned Burnt Pix.


Minting a Burnt Pix NFT is free, but you do have to cover the network gas fees. The gas consumption is extreme, so the mint might be prohibitively expensive if the chain picks up steam. Also note, minting a Burnt Pix NFT only initializes the blank canvas with the generator rules. To visualize the image, you must do a number of refinement rounds, consuming many blocks' worth of gas.

If you're new to Burnt Pix, please try out the testnet version at testnet.burntpix.com first, before risking real world funds.

No simulation started

This is a simulation of how your random Burnt Pix NFT would look after a number of refinement steps. Keep randomizing until you find one that seems pleasant to mint, most are admittedly boring. After minting, you will find it in your collection to refine.